#5 Emily Wills

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Emily belongs to a successful family of over achievers. She has a thirst for adventure and like most  explorers like Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, she travels in search of adventure and seeks it no matter where she is. Since a child, her parents have sent her on summer vacations to anywhere the family wanted to take her so she won’t settle on staying put in one place.

And with that, she has a network of friends who help her in her travels. Thought Emily has a degree in Psychology at Fordham University, she is not an archaeologist, nor has a desire to become one. Emily is only intrested in finding these lost artifacts just for the simple trill of it, and she makes her own money through several investment deals made successfully in her early years.

Height: 6’0  Weight:225 lbs. Age: 35 Racial background: Italian/German

Powers: None but has a great sense of direction, quick reflexes, etc.

Personality: At times she uses her ability to lore any man into doing her bidding, very confident in her sexuality, but one to get pissed if someone hurts her emotionally.Emily Wills

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