#5: Mister Heart Attack

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Name: Carson White

Aliases: Mister Heart Attack, Bringer of Light, Public Enemy Number One

Height: 4’2 (in wheelchair) 6’1 (while standing)

Weight: 121 lb

Hair: White

Eyes: Red (contacts, real eye color unknown)

Bio: Little is known about Carson, other than the fact he was born in the year 1943. Exact place is unknown, though we suspect him to be from the upper west coast.

When he was 22, Carson manifested his abilities. In a decade’s time, he had formed the Union of Superior Individuals as the chairman and first member.

In 1988, Carson was crippled in a battle with Third Day. He has been confined to a wheelchair since
Before the appearance of Entropy in 2004, Carson was the most wanted man in the world. There is a standing 25 million dollar bounty on information that leads to his capture or death.

Powers:  Carson can induce cardiac arrest in anyone who he is pointing at. Although materials like lead or concrete can prevent the unseeable beam from touching his target, those who are closer to him may experience an “explosion” of his powers that will induce cardiac arrest in everyone within a certain distance (estimated to be 13-15 meters.)

He is also considered to be an excellent planner, with an IQ estimated at near-genius levels. Before the loss of his legs, Carson was also a proficient hand-to-hand combatant.

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