#5 Plikitt

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First sighting: Three Years Ago

Alias: Unit #23906, Dittobot, The Robotic Mimic, Russ Braverton

Identity: Secret – Du Plikitt

Features: Self-contained automaton, silver skin, biothermal “skin suit” and “clothing armor”

Skills: Shape-shifting, ability to mimic any human (and superhuman) ability, ability to adapt to any situation

Dr. Tiffany Rhonne created the perfect automaton for the military, the Diode-Induced Temporal Technology Operations Bio-Organic Terminal, otherwise known as the “Dittobot”. The military ordered several units, but the template used in the creation was more advanced than she thought it would be. It was sentient, self-aware, and, in a word, human. As such, the creation demanded and got a name. He was the original Dittobot and not a duplicate. He wished to be a duplicate too, so he was named “Du Plikitt.”

The military didn’t know the Dittobots could grow sentient, and they ordered the one that did to be destroyed. Dr. Rhonne refused because she had grown to love Plikitt as a mother loved her child. When a shadowy organization sent an assassin codenamed Atomic Ice to kill Rhonne and destroy the machine, the abilities of Plikitt was exposed. He shapeshifted into Dr. Rhonne and took her place while a spare Dittobot was in a stasis. The assassin killed the disguised Rhonne and destroyed the machine. When the real Dr. Rhonne came out of hiding, she held Plikitt in her arms. They left Steel City and went to a new location where they could became a couple, Molly and Russ Braverton.

Over the years, Plikitt did heroic feats in public in his more familiar metallic form, aligning with many of the heroes of this new world. However, these actions have attracted the attention of a hunter who thought Plikitt was dead in the first place – Atomic Frost.

Plikitt: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

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