#5 – Rachel Grandison

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#5 – Rachel Grandison

15 years old and living in Chambersburg, PA

Rachel did not have the werewolf gene passed down to her. She lives with the fact that she is the only one in the family that can’t transform into a werewolf or have enhanced senses and strength. She is a normal girl in the world.

Rachel is a fan of reading and often is found with a book nearby. The knowledge absorbed from books has made her quite knowledgeable, but doesn’t give her the street smarts and ability to interact with people, that experience would.

Since her family has moved a variety of times when they felt people have grown suspicious of them, Rachel keeps people at a distance. She is likable, but rarely has close friends, which suits her fine. At times she may cling to her acquaintances, but often she will push them away so she can do her own thing without comment from them.

Where her brother Michael avoids conflict, Rachel is one to rarely back down from an argument. She can be opinionated and sometimes stubborn. Not necessarily a fighter, Rachel’s parents still thought it important to learn defensive skills and meditation techniques to control her reactions to different situations.

She is a vegan and doesn’t appreciate anyone eating meat in her presence. This has caused some tension in her house since she is the only one that feels that way.

Rachel is one of the feature characters in my “in process” YA book series called Adrenaline Town.

The picture of Rachel was drawn by my talented daughter, Mackenzie.


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