#5 – Rodrigo Tesla

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[The following was taken from reports to Interpol Director Francis Croke on the suspected personal of a international organization known as A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A. Whether A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A is a vigilante group, freedom fighters or terrorists is still being investigated]

Name: Rodrigo Martinez

Alias: el motor del la plata, Rodrigo Tesla

Age: 32

Height: 6’1

Current weight: 210

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Brown

Group Affiliations: World Lucha League, Order of the Dynamo, A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A

Distinguishing skills/features: 

History: Rodrigo Martinez was born in Mexico City into a family of Luchadores. Rodrigo was trained at an early age to take part in the family business but also showed an uncanny nack for machines, especially automobiles. It was for the reason along with a fierce persverance to never stop anything untill its finished that upon his eighteenth birthday he was given a silver mask and began his career as  el motor del la plata(The Silver Engine). He bacame popular over a short period of time and was even set to become the youngest Lucha League Champion in history but during his match he was unmasked and kicked out of the league.

After that Rodrigo had an existential crisis of both faith and ability, and was shunned by his family for being the only luchadore in generations to be unmasked. After that Rodrigo took to the road trying to find a new purpose in life. Eventually he made his way to Shoreham, Long Island where he stumbled upon the secret temple of the Order of the Dynamo.

The Order of the Dynamo, is a secret order of monks who base their order on the tenants of shaolin and forever striving technological advancement of their founder Nikola Tesla.  Apparently Tesla felt that he had reached the peak of his technological acumen so he then turned to perfecting the ultimate human machine. He studied Buddhism and shaolin and eventually pioneered a form of martial arts that made the human body a living engine capable of incredible feats, not the least of which was shooting lightning out of your hands. Eventually Tesla’s teachings were passed on and the Order of the Dynamo carried on in secret both bettering themselves and advancing technology by leaps and bounds.

Rodrigo eventually proved himself worthy and joined the order finding kindred spirits with his brothers, all of which were given the surname of Tesla upon their joining.

Present Day: Its believed that Rodrigo stayed at the temple for ten years until he left suddenly, the reasons for which are still unknown, and seems to have joined up with A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A almost immediately and eventually surfacing as BT Barnums Driver and Bodyguard

Psych Evaluation: Rodrigo is by far the most well rounded of the agents we have encountered so far but given his past experiences its fair to say that rodrigo is pushed by a fear of failure. Having experienced one blow early on it nearly destroyed him and has no interest in going through it again. Thats why he pushes himself so hard and protect his team mates since anything else would be absolute failure in his mind. 

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