#5 The Blind Pilgrim

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An orphaned half-elf, the Blind Pilgrim seems like the least of your concerns. After all, he can’t see.

But he can aim.

He takes pride in this and often starts fights with everyone. The only exception he brings to his fights is elves. He can’t fight them due to his undying loyalty to them, even though they never accepted him as an equal.

He wields two Pilcrow Axes that almost never fail to bring his opponents down. Though incredibly unfitting for an elf, he has these by his sides at all times.

Besides elves, the only remaining thing that could defeat him is his poetry recitals. He doesn’t have eyes to write, but he keeps a large amount of  memory potions of what he says at a given time. Should anyone else drink the same potions, they would be able to hear him prattle on about the joys of being an adventurer. They’re poetry’s equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

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