#5 The Bulk

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Here’s my new character for today. She is another one for a story I will begin paneling out after this challenge. I hope the parody and “wink” are obvious. This character is called the Bulk.

You won’t like her when she’s hungry.

When most girls tried to lose a little weight, Marley Moore was trying her best to gain as much as she could. Her high speed metabolism was considered much more of a curse than a blessing and it was officially defined as a medical condition. Constantly eating and ever ravenous, Marley nearly ate her parents into bankruptcy. That was when they turned to a Russian scientist who was interested in her case and offered free services as an exchange for using her in her own experiments. The doctor’s hypothesis stated that Marley’s metabolism would regulate if she were able to consume enough sugars in her bloodstream through intravenous methods. Frustrated by mixed results and the ever-pressing complaints from Marley who had grown tired from months of experiments, the doctor took matters into her own hands. Mixing purified proteins and arterial dilators into the sugar enriched compound proved to be a deadly decision. Thrashing about the experiment table, Marley’s body distorted and deformed and the proteins raced through her muscles. Every artery and vein flowed blood at accelerated rates as they dilated. Blood rushing through the enlarged arteries shown through her skin, giving it a blue tint. The enhanced proteins caused her muscles to bulge and gave them strength to withstand the onslaught to her system. Bones grew rapidly, shooting pain throughout poor Marley’s system. Screaming from agony, Marley grew to ten times her original size and weight in a matter of minutes. Braces snapped and restraints ripped away. A giant bulk of a monster rose in rage and sought something large to eat! The poor doctor tried to run when suddenly the Bulk snatched her from her feet and ate her whole. The large meal caused a sudden reaction that stabilized Marley’s system.  The Bulk spun about dizzily. Sweat and water poured from her skin leaving large puddles on the floor. Marley’s original shape reformed as she passed out from the trauma. Her parents watched in horror from behind a lab window. When they saw she was no longer conscience they ran to her aid. The family soon realized that Marley was doomed to a fate of constant eating and that she would never be normal. Anytime that her appetite grows the Bulk within her threatens to grow as well. Turning herself into authorities, Marley met up with a super hero named the Lady Bug. The Lady Bug was nearly the same age, but was a scientist as well as a super hero. The Lady Bug promised to continue helping her with a cure and to give her a cause as well. Should the world ever need a huge, horrible Bulk to save the day, Marley would be there ready to withhold herself from a meal and to be transformed in the Unbelievable Bulk!

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