#6 Ahere

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#6 Ahere

Ahere is the mother of Hatarei, daughter to the chieftain of the Redmane tribe and Akamu’s widow.
She married Akamu after the tribe’s shaman, Atawhai, played match-maker. She was one of the few people to
whom Akamu would open up. When her husband died while she was pregnant of Hatarei, she attempted to commit suicide by jumping
off of the summer village branch. Atawhai found her ready to jump as he was doing his morning meditations and talked her out of it. The
two agreed to speak of it to nobody. She cares very much for Hatarei and has been accused by the other villagers of coddling him.
She has long, curly, reddish brown hair and the red mane that her tribe is named for, though both are starting to get streaks of grey.


We need to speak about Hatarei. Please, convene a tribemoot but make sure my son doesn’t notice anything.
His Changes aren’t what they were supposed to be. He was too much like his father to begin with, I knew this would happen.
Please father, I don’t want to have to do this on my own, he’s the only thing I have left.


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