#3 – Haruto

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Haruto is one of the magical creatures that inhabit Lalahlahki, the Celestial Kingdom of the Princess of the Sun, Heir to the Throne of Heaven.  Evil is forbidden to enter the kingdom and it most worlds it is known as a place of great healing and purity, a Garden of Eden without the snake.  Haruto is the youngest of the Celestial Sentinels, and although most of the Sentinels are ancient, wise, and kind they are also kind of boring.  He has bigger dreams.

Time has no meaning in the kingdom and the days, years, and centuries blend into mere moments of peace, tranquility, and for a young stallion – boredom.  He longs to explore the worlds beyond Lalahlahki, have adventures and see for himself what evil is so he knows how to fight it if the Sacred Barrier protecting the kingdom ever falls.  This longing for more makes him unique among the Sentinels and among his family.

When the Princess brings a young man, barely more than a boy, to the kingdom one day to serve as one of her bodyguards, known as the Warriors of the Light – he sees his chance.  He and the boy, Koyo, become fast friends and the princess declares that Haruto become Koyo’s steed when they travel to other worlds.

The Sentinels have sacred names that only the princess knows and that cannot be spoken or it will remove their power, so each one adopts a nickname.  Haruto’s nickname was Colt – because he was the youngest – and he did not like that name so he asked Koyo to give him a new one.  Koyo named him Haruto, which means both “sunlight” and “soar”.

Haruto is brave, loyal, adventurous, and determined to become the best Sentinel he can be.

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