Day #4 & #5: Police Bogrüll riding an Electrical Zipper

| November 5, 2011 | 1 Comment

Name: Bogrüll Medic & Electrical Zipper

Species: Bogrülls

Description: On Day 3, the SFX-2000 witnessed an hold-up in a bank and decided to follow the Bogrüll Bandit while fleeing. It didn’t take too long for a Police Bogrüll to show up, proudly riding an Electrical Zipper. After 2 days of non stop chasing, we ordered the SFX-2000 to go explore other areas of this wonderful world.

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Category: 2011, Humor, Scifi, WTF

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Illustrator, Cartoonist and resident Drunken Fool. Creator of the Webcomic The Drunken Fools

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  1. Love the electrical zipper! Do you know how handy one of those would be? Great creativity!!

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