Day 4: Troy “Cutter” Thompson

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Name: Troy “Cutter” Thompson
Gang: The Renegades of Tyr
Description: Troy “Cutter” Thompson is a beast of a man. He weights nearly 250 pounds and all of it his muscle. He wears the traditional leather jacket and is always carrying a large machete style knifes. His Knife are always styled to give them a unique look.   On his neck his a tattoo that says “Problem” and underneath is a scar that goes across his neck from a knife fight back in the day.


Troy “Cutter” Thompson is the muscle of the Renegades of Tyr. He will live and die for the club and doesn’t take shit from no one. He has some serious rage problems and can go off from time to time.That being said he is the clubs problem solver. Most of the solutions are violent but those problems are solved. Troy “Cutter” Thompson also has the highest kill count in M.C. (If you where keeping track of such things)

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