Day 5: Mackenzie

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Mackenzie knows what’s best for you.

Since she was 9 Mackenzie would get persistent headaches that won’t go away until she figures out what is wrong with her. Or more accurately, what is wrong with you. Highly attuned to people around her, she knows when people need help. The pounding in her head will get more frantic and sharp the longer she ignores someone’s needs.

People might be bothered by losing a favorite toy, having to do a chore, or plotting the death of their unfaithful spouse. This has made Mackenzie’s life more interesting then she ever wanted. She hoped that maybe giving into the headaches would help them go away, but they just get stronger. And the worse the headache, the bigger the problem.

Whether you know it or not, you’re in trouble. And Mackenzie is coming to help you.

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