Day 5: Olethea, a fish out of water

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Real name: Olethea

Olethea comes from another world – an entirely aquatic planet. On her world she’s a famous and much-respected hero.
When her planet decided to send envoys to Earth in an effort of good faith and friendship, Olethea was one of the few selected.
However her good deeds hide a dark streak of anger and pride.

On Earth she discovers due to the fact that humans live on land, she is rendered near-useless to help when trouble arrives. Her powers are really only useful underwater.
She’s able to walk on land and breathe air but she’s slow above the water and tires easily with gravity constantly pushing her down.

The Earth heroes joke constantly and at times even make fun of her and Olethea’s pride is not used to taking such blows.

She’s got a mouth full of teeth that would make a shark think twice and she’s about ready to use them to show Earth heroes that her bite is worse than their barks.

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