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#5 – Matilda Madison

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Matilda is the youngest child and only daughter of Gustav and Susanna Wever.  Her father is one of the richest men in Victorian Chicago (it’s 1898).  Although he is fanatically devoted to his wife and loves her above even his massive wealth, he is ashamed of Matilda and wants to be with her as little as possible.  The only reason he let Susanna keep Matilda instead of anonymously abandoning her to an orphanage is because Susanna would never forgive him and threatened to kill herself if he tried to do it. Why would he be so cruel?  Because he’s a bigoted jerk who cares about appearances more than (almost) anything else.

Matilda is an albino.  With white hair, white skin, red eyes and all the trademarks of albinism including ocular diseases and sensitive skin, she often wears specially made “sun-spectacles”, wide brimmed hats, shawls and a parasol to protect her from the harmful rays of the sun.

To Gustav (and many others) she is a freak of nature.  He allows Susanna to keep her, but insists they relocate to a mansion he builds them far away from the city.  He tells everyone that his daughter died in childbirth and swears the rest to secrecy. Matilda is raised separated from everyone else, schooled by private tutors and never expected to do anything other than take care of her parents – mostly mother – when they get older.  She has two brothers – the oldest follows his father’s example and ignores her, but her other brother loves her dearly and tries to make her feel like more than a pariah.

She is extremely clever, however, with a genius IQ.  Matilda considers herself blessed and not cursed, because she looks like a freak she can easily tell friends from foes by how they react to her appearance.  She adores Sherlock Holmes novels and other mysteries and dreams of becoming a detective herself.  She solves her first mystery – involving a ghost, a secret treasure, and a long forgotten graveyard near their house – when she was 12.  It opened her eyes to the reality of the world around her – that in an age of reason and industry there is magic everywhere, real magic.  As she grows older she discovers that her dreams of being a private detective can come true if she accepts and abnormal clientele – magic folk.  Once she assists a lost were kitten finding her way home (and then getting embroiled in a family battle over the theft and inheritance rights of a powerful heirloom), magic folk have come to her to help her solve mysteries they know the Normies (normal people) can’t handle.

She tends to work at night, slipping out of the house when most of the others are asleep, and sleep during the day – given her sensitivity to sunlight that schedule usually works best.  Her older brother is suspicious of her night rambles and follows her one night, discovering the other world for himself and after that he becomes a mixture of a Watson-like sidekick and a bodyguard.

#5-Bone Didley

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Not even death can stop this guy from rockin’ or singing the blues.

#5 Dr. Derivative

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Dr. Derivative is a scientist who , during a freak accident while conducting tests with various forms or experimental radiant power sources, acquired the ability to duplicate the power of any neovidual within near proximity. If more than one neovidual is present Dr. Derivative cannot duplicate their powers simultaneously but he is able to switch between neovidual power types almost instantaneously.

5-Jet Disco

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Verde City’s biggest crime boss and #1 drug importer. Well, ex-#1 drug importer. Ever since the Pusherman showed up, Disco has quickly lost all of the footing he used to have. he’s hanging on by thread, and that’s only because he makes and sells the best stuff in town, selling to partying socialite’s to help fund his war with Pusherman. He’ll get his out of his way eventually though.

#5 The Princess of Cyclops Planet

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The creatures perched on the rock behind her have no teeth. They ensnare passing flyers in their jowl-tentacles, then gum them till they bleed- a long process- then suck the blood- an even longer process.

She has brought her fathers skull to the peak in the traditional death ritual.

#5 – Everen the Naga

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Everen the nagaOkay, this time I don’t have a story to go with it. I read ages ago about a version of naga that was a human’s head where the snake’s head was, as opposed to the more ‘taur’ version that’s common. I liked the idea, but I never got a chance to draw one out. So this is Everen, I imagine he just as crafty as one would expect nagas to be. His pattern is inspired by anaconda markings, so he would be the type to entice people to get close so he could eat them whole!

#5 Kam

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You can either run away from trouble. Or you can run towards it.

Kamielle had never lived an ordinary life, but it had been her life. A life with a family, a marriage, a goldfish. She had a job and worked hard at it and she was good at what she did. Work was separate from home. That was the nature of the beast, you don’t shit where you eat.

Only, one day, work had followed her home.

It had been messy, it had been brutal, it had been the end of her life as she knew it. They had come in the night and ripped them from their beds. There had been knives. There had been a fire. There had been blood. They had taken everything and left only a bloodied empty shell. There was nothing to refill her world. Only the job. A contract she had set herself. MAKE THEM SUFFER.

#5: Mister Heart Attack

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Name: Carson White

Aliases: Mister Heart Attack, Bringer of Light, Public Enemy Number One

Height: 4’2 (in wheelchair) 6’1 (while standing)

Weight: 121 lb

Hair: White

Eyes: Red (contacts, real eye color unknown)

Bio: Little is known about Carson, other than the fact he was born in the year 1943. Exact place is unknown, though we suspect him to be from the upper west coast.

When he was 22, Carson manifested his abilities. In a decade’s time, he had formed the Union of Superior Individuals as the chairman and first member.

In 1988, Carson was crippled in a battle with Third Day. He has been confined to a wheelchair since
Before the appearance of Entropy in 2004, Carson was the most wanted man in the world. There is a standing 25 million dollar bounty on information that leads to his capture or death.

Powers:  Carson can induce cardiac arrest in anyone who he is pointing at. Although materials like lead or concrete can prevent the unseeable beam from touching his target, those who are closer to him may experience an “explosion” of his powers that will induce cardiac arrest in everyone within a certain distance (estimated to be 13-15 meters.)

He is also considered to be an excellent planner, with an IQ estimated at near-genius levels. Before the loss of his legs, Carson was also a proficient hand-to-hand combatant.

#3 King, the Locksmith

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Once upon a time, there was a town in Kansas.  Seriously.  Kansas.  A town that was not Kansas City or Topeka or Lawrence or Smallville.  And this town, despite being geographically anchored in Kansas (of all places), was quite adrift in time, which caused no end of confusion.  This also caused certain criminal elements in town to be composed of, at least in part, sentient dinosaurs.

King, an albertosaurus, took the name because of the number of people that mistake him for a tyrannosaurus rex.  It might also help that the moniker matches up with the sort of role he sees himself in.  Most anyone engaged in criminal activities around here answers to him; I mean, it helps that he’s the biggest and toothiest of criminals.  Though he’s “a very reasonable creature” by his own admission, his rather morbid predilection for impaling those he dislikes on several ivory spikes – perhaps to suggest his own toothy maw – has earned him a level of Machiavellian respect.

Those who do not wish to invoke his chosen name often called him “the Locksmith”, a nickname which has stuck for years and, like many nicknames, has its origins lost to the mists of time.

A Slither, a monster from my novel “Mentor”

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A Slither, a monster from my novel, "Mentor"


Mentor: A science fantasy adventure, by J S Rowe


These reptilian predators were thought at first to be those that escaped from the BioSynth transport container that was delivering a shipment of designer DNA “snakes”  to the Ancient Wonders Theme Park. That BioSynth container had been derailed by a small earthquake which opened up a large sinkhole that swallowed parts of two buildings as well as the part of the stasis tube that separated them. The container crashed through the tube and shattered itself on the ground, releasing it’s charges to the wilds. There were six “snakes” as they were dubbed, though no one had a description other than they would grow to be up to four feet long and eight to twelves inches in diameter. Thought to be engineered to be sterile, Ancient Wonders was sent another batch fresh from the Vats by way of compensation, and the lost snakes became no more than an entry in a ledger subtracting their cost in engineering and bio mass from the main stores and the profit and loss paras.

But as usual nature has its own commitment to keep regarding the viability of her creatures whether conjured through evolution itself or by the helpful hand of  intelligent monkeys. Some how  they did manage to breed, and along the way, grew legs and claws, four of them, and grew to a much larger size than predicted and spread themselves through out the Under City.

Under City inhabitants hunted them to keep their numbers down and found that their meat was very tasty as long as the creature was fully bled at its death, and as well, that it’s venom was a useful numbing agent for practical medical applications. Once a way was found to pierce the scales, those too were found to be useful for both ornamentation, and protective coverings.

The Slither prefers the darkness, hunting its prey by smell. The poison secreted from long sacs on either side of the head, paralyses the prey of the Slither instantly. Though it looks clumsy and somewhat comical, it is lightning fast and deadly. The unhinged jaw can open wide enough to swallow a fully grown Wamba bear, but it’s preference is for the tender flesh of  babies and young humanoids, and any other smallish mammals.

#4 – Sal “Minor Key” Scarfonie

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Another addition to my silly Scarfonie clan; Sal, Uncle Sal, or “Minor Key” Sal, if you want to be cryptic.  Sal used to play jazz piano, now he plays chumps when they need a lesson.  He is a man of few words and even less empathy.  He does not use that piano wire to floss.

Wish I’d spent more time on this character design, but in fear of falling behind, I must plow on.  🙂

#5 The Unlikely Mr. Crane

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The Unlikely Mr. Crane

#5 Father Bernard

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I’m intending to adapt the local Somerset legend of the Witch of Wookey into a short comic for a fairy tale zine. It tells the tale of a monk named Father Bernard who, in order to protect the young couples of the town of Wookey, set off in search of a bitter, jilted witch who lived in a cave and despised young love and happiness. He ended up freezing her in stone with Holy Water but never made it out of the twisty, turny caves himself.

If you end up in Somerset, be sure to visit Wookey Hole Caves in order to see the rock which looks like the witch, and so created the legend.

Day# 5 – Flutters + Ellie

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He’s the bestest birdie ever.


Daiji Woroti

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A snake guy with a sword!

Sssswords are sssharp!

Daiji Woroti is a dangerous creature to encounter.  Clumsy, nearsighted, and sort of socially awkward, Daiji Woroti is rarely accepted into any of the late night snake clan festivities after a fierce salamander hunt.

“It’sss ssso sssad, ssssuch ssssorrow and sssshame issss casssst on sssssimple gestures.   Sssso I ssstabbed Tarssssusss in hissss ssssshin, insssstead of sssssslaying a ssssssurly sssssalmander!   Ssssso whatssss?”

Gangly, and not too sure of how to start a conversation or make any friends, Daiji Woroti generally makes things even worse by using the worst and most out of place pick up lines on the ladies ever, and even misguidedly in front of his peers while screwin up his lines.

“Sssssso, isssss your wingsssss ssssssorta sssssaggy, causssse you jusssst ssssoared from the sssssky and sssstole my sssssign!”


#05 Laxmi “Hyena” Thompson

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The eight elite members of Mizuki’s criminal organization win animal titles based on their abilities and appearance. Laxmi earned her title from never talking to men. Her role in the group is technological—she handles cybercrime of all sorts. Her introverted nature makes her quite hard to engage with, but she is loyal to those she respects. There is alien blood in her lineage.

#5 Karros Ironhorn

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Karros Ironhorn is a Minotaur of the realms. His people are nomads by nature with the exception of a large port they have setup in the western lands inlet. Karros lost his horn about 10 years ago on the side of a mountain. A creature in black attacked him and sliced it clean off with its hands. Luckily Karros’ travel companion crafted him a new horn before he succumbed to the injuries. The Minotaurs of the realms find the loss of horn to be fatal most times much like the unicorns of myth.


#5 Sebastian Kloud – Murderer

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#5 Sebastian Kloud - Murderer












#5 – Doctor Automaton

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To see the full information and origin story behind Dr. Automaton please see my website:

#5 – Drone

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Day 5: Dean Croik

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Character #5, Dean Croik. He’s in the Perri Engarde series I made up. I never figured out an eye color for him, but since everyone as of recent had vibrant eyes, I decided to go with a bit more of a dull look.

Dean is a stereotypical fancy penguin who runs the Croik Library. He’s probably the tallest character in the Engarde! series. He has a bit of a Feris personality, without the fancy words. He also has a younger nephew, whom which I’ll draw for tomorrow, which consequentially implies he has a sibling, who I might draw in the near future. Somehow Dean is stuck taking care of his nephew, but he doesn’t really mind.

#5 Swordsmith

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Everyone said that Agent Vittoria was over the hill. Though she was once among of Italy’s best covert agents, she’d been in the game for decades, and some say she couldn’t adapt to the new tricks. Then she volunteered for the SPADA Project, and was transformed into the living weapon known as the Swordsmith. Now, still dedicated to her old school rules, and fearlessly devoted to her country, she’s an adversary to be reckoned with.



#5 Nap-Fairies

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Since the last few weeks I tend to fall asleep as soon as I’m sitting alone in a room. Just like today, that’s the reason for a very quick drawing and that  I’ve decided to draw some fairies.  These two are responsible for people falling asleep. The young one is educated by the older one and is the one who confinces you to relax a short time, the older one uses her feathers to send you asleep. Both are wearing bells because their dolce sound can be quite hypnogogic.

I wasn’t sure how to add the second pair of wings, I’ll think about this later. I don’t use these kind of eyes very often because I don’t like them, but it did fit. There are a lot of misstakes in the drawing, but somehow I like it

Day 5: Pongo

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Pongo is the leader of the Unicycle Biker Clown Gang “The Honks”. That’s all I know about him, for I am too scared to find out anymore.

#5 – Rachel Grandison

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#5 – Rachel Grandison

15 years old and living in Chambersburg, PA

Rachel did not have the werewolf gene passed down to her. She lives with the fact that she is the only one in the family that can’t transform into a werewolf or have enhanced senses and strength. She is a normal girl in the world.

Rachel is a fan of reading and often is found with a book nearby. The knowledge absorbed from books has made her quite knowledgeable, but doesn’t give her the street smarts and ability to interact with people, that experience would.

Since her family has moved a variety of times when they felt people have grown suspicious of them, Rachel keeps people at a distance. She is likable, but rarely has close friends, which suits her fine. At times she may cling to her acquaintances, but often she will push them away so she can do her own thing without comment from them.

Where her brother Michael avoids conflict, Rachel is one to rarely back down from an argument. She can be opinionated and sometimes stubborn. Not necessarily a fighter, Rachel’s parents still thought it important to learn defensive skills and meditation techniques to control her reactions to different situations.

She is a vegan and doesn’t appreciate anyone eating meat in her presence. This has caused some tension in her house since she is the only one that feels that way.

Rachel is one of the feature characters in my “in process” YA book series called Adrenaline Town.

The picture of Rachel was drawn by my talented daughter, Mackenzie.

#4 Forest God

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Deviating from cars for a quick second.

Forest god, find a pool of water in the woods with two dead trees on either side. Plunk a pair of stones into the water and out pops this guy.


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