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Spent all of yesterday playing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines for the first time. It rolled me with a Nosferatu, but I was pretty disappointed with how limited the interactions were and also the fact that I’m stuck wearing this terrible looking and brain-dead stupid getup of lowcut pants and a bra through the city when I’m so disfigured that I send people running when they see me.

This is how I properly envision Esther – a streetwise cutpurse and con-woman who wakes up one day after a poor choice in bed partner to find that the world she’s known is now forever lost to her. The world above is nothing but kine who see only her disfigured face, or kindred who seek to use her as a pawn in their elaborate ridiculous games. Sometimes she just wants to stay in the sewers with the rats. They’re the only ones who seem to like her for who she is…

I decided to experiment with Texture overlays for this pic. It turned out alright, especially considering that it was pretty rushed.

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