#6 Acrobat

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Acrobat is a teenage vigilante. He has no powers to speak of, but is fascinated by the Parkour movement (People that do stunts on buildings and landspaces).  His also and expert in hand to hand combat thanks for his father, A former action star and a mentor to him in spirit.

His real name is Sirgo Garcia, a young man of Philippine/Hispanic decent in search of a place to belong in the world. His father left him a vest fortune that will make him a rich man the rest of his days. Instead of partying like the rest of people his age do, he has to grow up and be careful for himself and the people around him.

As Acrobat, he patrols the streets of his neighborhood of Washington Heights in pursuit of justice. With his network of friends on the street to help him, he now feels he’s not alone in the world any longer.

Height: 5’7 Weight:128 lbs. Age: 17


Head strong into anything that suits his interests. At times sarcastic, and at times comes off as having a attitude problem.


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  1. Pirate says:

    I love his outfit design! Keeping the superhero theme without the spandex, good stuff!

  2. Steve Parks says:

    Pretty dope design, bro. Very nice.

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