#2 – Legacy

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#2 - Legacy - Jay Faulkner

After a tour of Iraq, Sergeant Eric Danielson returned to his home in Swindon, England and a life that felt as if it were someone else’s.  Each day he awoke and trudged to his new job in the City, dealing with the reams of paperwork that never seemed to get any smaller and then, at the end of each night, to his empty flat and ate another tasteless meal for one.

Many miles away, on a small Greek island, a box was being opened as Eric stated out of his bedroom window, wondering what his role in life was meant to be – wondering, hoping, that there had to be more to it than what he had.

It was at that moment that a bright light flashed through his window and a warm glow enveloped him.  Looking down he found that his clothes had changed – that he had changed.

Now garbed in the tabard of St. George himself – granting him protection from harm; the belt of Waylund Smith- granting him strength beyond mortal men; and wielding the bow of Herne the Hunter – which never missed; and the fabled sword, Excalibur – which could cut through anything non-living.

With the emblems and artefacts of legend Eric Danielson suddenly knew the role that he was destined to play.

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