#5 CR-11

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CR-11 is one in a series of sophisticated robot observers that record and inventory the history of the universe. Created a millennium ago by a race of space faring beings that no longer exist the CR’s dutifully record the history of the universe like robotic librarians. What happened to the technologically advanced race that created the CR’s is unknown. It is the only history of the universe that the CR’s do not have recorded or preserved, keeping their creators a mystery.

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Father, husband, illustrator, designer and comic book artist. A die-hard Halo videogame addict and zombie apocalypse novel reader. Has way too many comic books and action figures for a man his age. He has had work published by DC, Techno comics, a number of independents and is self published. Currently Kirk is the artist and Co-Creator of the hit indy comic book Z-Girl and the 4 TIGERS. www.zgirl.org See more of kirk’s work at www.studiokm.com

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  1. johnomatopoeia says:

    I am digging the emo librarian hoodie. This is truly stellar artwork, I love the juxtoposition of the heavy mechanical detail and the free flowing more recognizable human clothing/fabric. This is a combination not many people even consider attempting. Great work!

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