#5 Elle (or Kaye)

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Elle is Clo‘s older sister, the middle child of three.  She prides herself on being a go-getter, an energetic professional type, an independent 21st century woman.  Arguably, she forms this image based on her relationship with her two sisters – slightly whimsical, flippant Clo and their older sister, Atty, who is, well, not good at much of anything – but steers clear of them most of the time, despite living in the same city.  Her family life is behind her; she’s moved on.

With that transition came the latest in a string of reinventions of herself: it’s only been recently that she’s gone by the nickname “Elle”.  Throughout most of school she went by “Kaye”, and this is still how her sisters know her.  (Less often, they might call her by her childhood nickname, “Sissy”, usually if they want to get under her skin.)  Elle’s sense of fashion and identity change with the times, never wildly out of left field but always a little individual.  The persona she shows the world is malleable: her core is not.

Elle has always had an intuitive sense of how things fit together, and as such has always excelled in technical fields.  She’s an excellent networker, as well, making friends with all the right people.  She’s the sort that is not only enviably talented, but knows it and flaunts it.  She is a rising star at a prominent architecture firm and hasn’t looked back once.

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