#6 Helen Lovrenc

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Zine editor. Marian witch. Coven leader.

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Name: Helen Lovrenc.

Age: 30.

Appearance: Tallish (around 5’9), short dark hair and dark brown eyes. Of Slovenian and Polish descent. Can usually be seen wearing a pair of rubber rain boots (she spends a lot of time in her garden) and oversized sweaters.

Personal: Helen was raised in the Orthodox Catholic church. During her teens she began to focus her personal worship most strongly around Mary; as an adult, she has formulated a system of goddess worship which draws on Mary as well as Slovene folk witchcraft and goddess feminism.  She enjoys reading and writing, gardening, and playing browser games (Angry Birds, Echo Bazaar, etc.).

Overview: Helen has a degree in journalism and runs a rather successful magazine on a variety of minority religious topics. She and Lettie became friends in college, and though they’ve diverged somewhat since graduating (especially due to Lettie’s maneuverings on the wrong side of the law), they still communicate. Recently Lettie came to Helen with a strange question regarding the appearance of a seemingly-powerful witch and a cat-man on the streets of Cleveland–a complication Helen didn’t really need, since she was also dealing with a recalcitrant and possibly dangerous new coven member: Tad Westfall.

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