#5 Kirby Dot Kid

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The Kirby Dot Kid

Don't make me dot you!

Evan Miller was just an every day guy when out of no where Ethel, the Cosmic Grandmother appeared to him. ” You shall be my herald! I place upon you the power of the Kirby Dot” and with that she left.

Slightly confused as to what exactly being the Cosmic Grandmother’s herald is meant to mean. Evan continued with his life. One day he was preparing himself dinner in his single bed apartment, namely spaghetti bolognese, that he planned to eat whilst watching Die Hard 2 when he sneezed. Suddenly he was surrounded by Kirby Dots. Excited Evan assumed that the dots would hold some power within.

They don’t. It’s just the effect.

Regardless Evan adopted the moniker the Kirby Dot Kid and tries his damnest to battle crime. He’s largely unsuccessful.

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