#5 – Mr. Snow

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Mr. Snow goes beyond the usual throes of “malevolent spirit.”  He plants himself firmly into the psyche of a person with a deep psychological trauma – a memory, a secret, or a hidden desire that they do not wish to confront. In a sense, Mr. Snow becomes the manifestation of one’s personal demons. Once he settles in, he torments and haunts a person regularly, showing up in the corners of their vision as a shadowed man wearing a pinstripe suit. Nobody else ever sees him. He’ll hide in the dark corners of one’s home. Sometimes one can see nothing but those bright, blue eyes striking straight into their hearts, mocking them, tempting them: a constant reminder of all their sins and the sins of others. Mr. Snow has a nasty habit of regular suicide for the haunted as well. He’ll show up in the most unexpected of places, during a walk or perhaps a chat with a co-worker, seemingly killing himself in the most gruesome manners possible, only to show up again a while later, as if nothing had ever happened.

Mr. Snow, however, is strangely persuasive. His victims are attracted to him in a sort of masochistic dance – terrified of what they know he is, but still willing to open up their hearts to him. They’ll use him both as a shoulder to cry on and a shooting target. They’ll hate him, love him, and make love to him. It doesn’t matter if they try to kill him, he just keeps coming back. Eventually, they stop trying. Then, they start longing. Mr. Snow will become their only comfort, the only holder of their secrets. They’ll start becoming obsessed with him. He’ll eventually send them a note, inviting them to a remote place, promising that he will finally tell them everything about him.

It’s here where they meet their spectacular ends…whether by themselves, or by this mysterious spirit, nobody’s really sure. It would all be called an illusion of a troubled mind, if it weren’t the same blue-eyed man lingering around the memories of hundreds of people.

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