#5 Muguin Junto

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Muguin Junto

Age: 22
Place of Origin: Small Island, does not want to disclose
Height: 5′ 7″
Eye color: brown

Muguin is a great thief, he has been all his life to survive. Muguin encounters the crew when they stop in
the port of Nhiri to resupply. Muguin sneaks into the boat to find something good to steal. Hans is supposed
to guard the boat but he is sleeping so Muguin finds Catherine’s pendant since she has to leave it because
She does not want anyone in this port to know that she is a sage. After searching for the pendant and fighting
through thugs, Catherine and Zohar find Muguin. He gives it back with one condition, to exchange something
of equal value to the crew, so Zohar invites him to join the crew after seeing so much potential in Muguin.
Muguin has had a life of suffering, he was also an orphan, does not like or trust other people but himself, he is rude,
Foul mouth, but has found out that this group of people have a special vibe that he is attracted too besides the
incentive of unlimited treasure and a journey like no other. Muguin’s ability to steal is unlike any other captain Zohar
has ever seen, and Muguin keeps what he gets; there is no sharing what so ever. His head band is the only thing
from his child hood he still owns, symbolizes what he has become; he still wants to know what his purpose is in
this world.

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