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He didn’t have much experience as dealing with the weird, viscous and neon coloured small creatures that seemed to like to possess people nowadays – he was only 16 after all, and it’s not like there were many before the whole… infestation that came. And time freezing. And stuff.

He managed not to get bitten ever however, which is great compared to many. And I mean /many/. One would say he was just lucky, given that his first impression is of a somewhat boring and lazy young man. As one interacts more with this boy and one can see that it’s quite the opposite. One also notices how charming and well-spoken he can be. In the end of the day, it’s hard to resist him. Unless the times he becomes annoying with too many personal questions to your person.

Sucks with guns, but is learning. Prefers to use his motorcycle to do any dirty job, no matter how awkward it can be at times, given how small the creatures are.

The star is a gang thing he failed to convince people to get into, but does anyway.

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