#6 Anna Conda

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Here is today’s character from my current project of a tongue-in-cheek comic. This character is Anna Conda:

Anna Dixit specialized in zoology at a university in her home country of India. Studying rare species of venomous snakes and working in league with members of the medical field, her desire was to help the doctors discover new cures for the deadliest snake venoms that plagued the people of her land. When Anna was bitten by a snake, however, some of the untested anti-venom was all that was available to cure her in time. Given a form similar to a spinal tap, the medicine was injected in the discs between her spinal lumbar. Healing her instantly, the anti-venom also delivered a side effect none of them could have expected. Anna’s spine at first seemed to be completely flexible. Twisting herself into a pretzel, she felt no pain. While under medical watch, Anna used her idle time to see what else could be accomplished. Twisting became old hat as she exercised herself and learned to control her muscles which now allowed her separate her lumbar and thus to expand her spine by several times its normal length. Further perfecting her new skills, Anna gained the strength to even curl and coil herself around objects that she could then squeeze with her elongated abdomen with incredible force. Her limbs hold no such bendability or stretch ability but she has honed them into finely tuned arms and legs that fully support her ever changing core. Being an upstanding citizen, Anna knew she would have to benefit the world around her by donning a hero’s identity and helping others. Bearing the name Anna Conda, she now uses these powers for good. Able to reach 20 feet into the air and to produce a squeezing pressure of up to 900 metric pounds, she has a terrible weakness that she hopes no one will ever discover: despite her great strength and incredible gift, she is very ticklish. Should a villain ever be wrapped up in her coil with an arm that is free enough to move and tickle her, the sudden shock of silliness would immediately loosen her super strong grip. So far, however, no one has had the chance to learn of this before being squeezed unconscious.

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