#6 Atomic Ice

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Atomic Ice

First sighting: Five years ago

Alias: The Coldhearted Chick, The Icy Assassin,

Identity: Secret – Sherilyn Noble

Features: Ice-blue skin and all-black eyes (which is why she wears goggles, medium-length blue hair

Skills: Thermokinesis (can generate snowstorms and icy blasts from her hands), eidetic memory, Systema trained assassin

By all indications, Sherilyn Noble should be dead, and the world believes that she is dead.

A shadowy organization without a name has transformed the former Sherilyn Noble into a cold.warrior in more ways than one. Utilizing Russian Systema training, she became proficient in fighting with her hands and feet, firearms, knives, any weapon known to man. The organization also manipulated her DNA by bombarding her with radiation on a daily basis. The radiation was supposed to control Noble, but it only made her stronger. A side-effect of the radiation was a pale, blue-tinted skin tone, black eyes, blue hair, and a permanently-low body temperature.

When she learned of this, Noble grew furious and shot spiky ice daggers at her supervisors killing them. She also concentrated her energy to create a snowstorm in her containment room. Her escape from the facility was short-lived as the organization told her that they could cure her of her “ailment,” but only if she became an assassin for them. One of her first tasks was to take out a scientist who created a humanoid automaton that could act like a human. Her second, killing the leaders of oil-rich nations in the Gulf.

The Icy Assassin grew in notoriety, and she became a high-priced assassin-for-hire. However, she was no closer to getting a cure, so, she broke away and became a freelancer, much to the chagrin of the organization. With no means to control her, they knew the assassin they perfected would be unstoppable.

And while they’re working on a weapon that can stop the unstoppable, the assassin now known as Atomic Ice has become an army-of-one.

Atomic Ice: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.


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