#6 – Bromella Zenthhfyr-Durst

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Bromella is Kendric’s mother, and the head shipwright of the Islander’s fleet. She has been even busier since the assault on Himmerd, and so hasn’t had the time she once had for her sons. When she isn’t working, she can be rowdy, even lewd and boisterous. Though Kendric adores his mother, this can sometimes make it difficult to be around her. Especially when she is making some kind of comment to her many children about their loves and friends…

As head shipwright, she’s in charge of keeping the public skyships in good condition. Now that they have been retrofitted for water use, she has run into more problems than she ever imagined, and is additionally burdened by the commisions her people have tried to take on at various ports to build new ships, which are often backed out of by local nobility and merchants due to the Islander’s dubious political position.

She tries to look at everything with an equally objective and optimistic air, and when she isn’t busy fixing, retrofitting, or tieing something back in place, she revels in many un-crafty relaxing passtimes. Like drinking, snuggling with her husband, drinking with friends, and enjoying her well-trained husband’s cooking. Her husband is actually a year younger than her, and their friendship began when they were young teenagers, and she dragged him off into a field to play because she was tired of watching him standing around while the other children ignored him. After that day they because fast friends, and he slowly became bolder because of her inflicted friendship. When they were older, they were eventually married, and to her husband’s dismay, they had many children together. Even at 50, she is still running around the ship like a teenager, into crawl-spaces, up to the bird’s nest, and back. He has to worry all the time though, because despite her high spirits, she may run as fast, but she certainly doesn’t heal as fast.

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