#6 Calvin Adarsh

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Calvin suffers from something referred to as the Corner Stone syndrome. The main symptom is the inability to permanently die.  Sure you can kill his current physical form but then a molecular facsimile is created directly corresponding the time of his death. This new Calvin is almost identical save for a temporary .5712% increase in all physical attributes. He also appears directly next to his old body and can remember everything up unto the point he was terminated and reassembled with new matter. The universe will not let him die and he has no idea why. The marginal increase in his abilities doesn’t amount to much, but if he were to die several times in succession the effects would be quite dramatic. This increase is only temporary though and will fade after falling asleep.


(Picture is a pass for me, just created a character in DCUO’s interface to you for this. I am no 3d modeler. )



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