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Femme, cyborg

Femme a cyborg from the future


In the future(2012 ^^; ), society is dominated by a corrupt and paranoid layer of super rich financiers. To meet the increasingly perverse desires of this class the Xynon corporation has endeavored to create a line of pleasure cyborgs-to satisfy the more earthly needs of these oligarchs. In addition to being built to the prospective buyer’s desires-the pleasure droids are also armed with an array of weaponry(from blades to electronic whips and coils)…they are also coated with a suit of flesh colored armor that is highly resistant to even tank fire. The ‘femmes’ as they came to be called are also incredibly strong and fast.

The designers programmed them with human(desirable female traits) personalities and intelligence, altho the femmes are actually much smarter than a human-basically the equivalent of a super computer is built into their cranium. Femme is the first of many planned droids…hers is the story of a droid that gained ‘consciousness’-she was horrified and repelled by both her programming and those she was programmed to please and protect. After being awakened she killed her owner in a fit of rage…she then went back to the lab and destroyed it…killing the scientists involved. Now Femme is on the run in a decidely unfriendly world…


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  1. cresc says:

    Crazy anatomy, and interesting back story. Good job

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