#6 – Katerina Miser

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My attempt to draw her really didn't work. Fortunately, there's Flickr. (photo by Brittanie Pendleton)

Katerina – though prefers to be called Kate – is a tough, independent girl who has an unusual problem. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s seen water spirits. From little girls who rise up out of the creek to shadows in the ripples of a pond, she’s been aware for a long time now that there is something watching her. Maybe many somethings.

She grew up in the city with her mother. Her father had run off before she was born, so she never knew him, and her mother grew overprotective and slightly paranoid as a result. But when they would go out to visit her grandmother, Sadie, Kate was given all the freedom she’d never had at home. Her favorite way to kill time was to go to the creek with other kids from the neighborhood and catch frogs and salamanders and other slimy things. She never really caught on to being “girly,” and preferred to have fun in her own way. Kate was never afraid of anything, although when the little girl in white showed up in the creek and offered to take her away, she was a little freaked out.

After that, she felt watched anytime she went by natural bodies of water. Whether a stream or a pond, or even a heavy rain, she knew there was something watching her. Finally, after being dragged to Florida of all places by her friends, she decided to confront the spirits that had been haunting her for so long. What she learned from meeting the sea god Proteus would change her forever….

Read more in her story, Water Whispers.

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