#6 Professor Tupelo and Luka

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NT: Hello there!
OT: hi
NT: My name is Professor Tupelo.
NT: That is not strictly correct. I will be Professor Tupelo once I complete the requirements.
OT: what should i call you then
NT: Nissa would be fine. Now, are you a boy or a girl?
OT: um
OT: i dont feel comfortable anymore
NT: Wait! I don’t mean it like that.
OT: i am going to get my mummy
NT: Please wait. I just want help with my research. You’re ten, aren’t you?
OT: um
OT: how do you know that but not my gender
NT: My thesis advisor is Professor Juniper. She was able to grant me access to the League Database of potential trainers. You applied for a trainer’s loan five months ago.
OT: oh yeah
OT: mummy said we couldnt afford a normal trainers license
OT: so this is how i might get a chance to be a trainer

NT: The database doesn’t provide a lot of information, to be honest.
OT: i can tell
NT: Do you still want to be a Pokemon trainer?
OT: yes but if i dont get a loan in a month then mummy says i have to go back to school
OT: i dont want to go back to school

NT: School isn’t that bad.
NT: Anyway, to become a recognized Pokemon Professor I need to guide and support a new trainer in their journey for a minimum of one year or until they participate in a high-level competition, like a Grand Conference or League Competition.
NT: Instead of choosing a potential trainer nearby to where I am completing my research, I wanted to give someone else an opportunity.
OT: why not them
NT: They are pampered rich kids who are still suckling the silver spoon. Their parents hired veteran trainers to travel with them. They don’t need my help and support. The list of children who need loans to start off on their own journeys is a longer, worthier place to look.
OT: ok i guess
OT: i am still not going to tell you if i am a boy or a girl

NT: That’s OK. That’s not necessary for your trainer’s license. I don’t even need to put down your real name, if you like. The license will be bio-tagged to your genetic code, retina, and fingerprints.
OT: i only know what one of those is
OT: so when do i have to pay you back for all of this
OT: mummy says i have to make sure i know what i am getting into finanshally
OT: financially*
OT: mummy also says that she remembers seeing you on tv two years ago when you were still a coordinator

NT: Oh gods
OT: she says hi and she is ok with this
NT: Right. OK. Tell her I say hi, I guess.
NT: Anyway, now that I have your mother’s permission, I should tell you that this is a grant, not a loan. I don’t need this paid back.
OT: you dont
NT: No. What supplies and money I give you to help you start out are a gift. The only thing I want is for you to do well on your journey.
NT: Do you think you can do that?
OT: i think so
OT: i havent thought about it much
OT: do i get to pick my starter pokemon

NT: Whatever you want. Once you are officially licensed, I will send one to the nearest Pokemon Centre and set up your trainer bank account so that you can purchase supplies. Your mother will be able to help you with that.
OT: can i have a hydreigon
NT: Maybe not whatever you want.
OT: but you said i could have anything i want
NT: Hydreigon are final forms of Deino. No one can give you a final or secondary form as a starter Pokemon.
OT: i want a deino then
NT: Deino are also not recommended for beginning trainers.
OT: fine
OT: can i have a lucario

NT: Those aren’t native to Unova, you know.
OT: i know
OT: i still want one

NT: I can send you a Riolu, the baby form of Lucario
OT: i guess thats fine
OT: even though its not what i really wanted

NT: You have to work hard for that. I am not just going to hand you everything you want. What you want and what you need are not the same thing.
OT: i know that
OT: mummy tells me that every day
OT: so when do i get to start

NT: As soon as you tell me the name you wish to use on your trainer’s journey.
NT: Choose wisely, though, because you won’t be able to change it.

—> NAME: Luka


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