#6 Shrimp-man

| November 6, 2011 | 3 Comments


This character fuses several ideas: (1) I wanted to create an animal based character like Batman or Spider-man; (2) I watched a cool presentation about the power of the mantis shrimp on Ted.com; (3) Ryan, on ifanboy.com, did a column on cool animal powers for heroes, which featured the mantis shrimp. I had a really hard time deciding on a name: Mantis Shrimp, Smash-Claw, Crevette (if I had made him a woman), Stomatopod. In the end, I decided to follow the Spider-man style, lame as it sounds.



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  1. This looks great! I think you put a little Daredevil in there too! Awesome stuff!

  2. SPROJ says:

    the shrimpiest man ever made!

  3. Hah, Shrimp Man definitely aint no shrimp, he’s got a set of killer crab claws. I could see him as a classic MegaMan baddie as well. Great stuff!

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