#6 The Arcaness

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The Arcaness, older sister to The Arcane. Her primary part in the empire is to be engaged to The Emperor, but he takes more interest in her brother. More info below.

Once she knows of this, she blackmails The Emperor in both anger and mental instability, threatening to ruin his bloodline. Despite that, The Emperor still stays close with her younger brother. However, as soon as he realizes her younger brother has plans to ruin the empire, The Emperor grows cowardly and leaves the empire, knowing he has only been utilized as a tool to drastically ruin his land. The sister is left behind, and her younger brother murders her out of spite, knowing that she is of no use to him either way. Despite being in the bloodline of magic, she possesses no ability to do anything of aid or consequence.  #pointlesscharacteralert

Planning sketches/wip are posted at my tumblr.


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  1. Trey Jackson says:

    Love your stuff! In this one, the color, robe and overlapping circle motif in the background in particular. Very elegant and sophisticated.

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