Character 06 – Genus

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

Genus is one half of the Fictional Electro Chiptune group “Tecknochromia”. I’m not entirely happy with this chika’s design, but as a primary concept, it’s not bad (didn’t have much time to develop or draw today, and I’d rather not fall behind). She’s silent for most of the time, letting her partner (who I’ll also be designing as a part of this challenge) do all the talking in interviews. On stage, she’s in charge of the ‘Chiptune’ half of the group’s music, using an original Game Boy, a Mega Drive, and a TurboGrapfx 16 loaded with custom tracker software. she’s known for wearing high-tech outfits on stage that synchronize to the beat of the group’s performance. She’s also never seen in the same on-stage outfit twice.

Inspired by me dying my hair purple today XD Not shaded because I screwed up the flat colour layers. I’ve got a feeling this challenge is going to produce a lot of designs I’ll want to revisit and revise in the future. Hopefully, I’ll get some of these done in 3D as well 😀

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