Day 6: Alco Croik

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Character #6, Alco Croik. I honestly have no idea where his name came from, but it just stuck. This is Dean Croik’s nephew that he’s stuck with, but Alco’s a friendly little kid, so he doesn’t mind.

About the cast, Alco somehow ends up in accidents constantly. It’s a running gag where he’ll always have a broken left arm, and it’s from a different reason every time. That’s why his cast is a different color every time, it’s a different cast. PS: Every time refers to every episode or installment he’s in.

Once again, being Dean’s nephew, this implies Dean has some sort of a sibling. And from Dean and Alco sharing a last name, one can assume Dean has a brother. Alco’s father is irresponsible, so Alco prefers Dean taking care of him.

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