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#7 Anil

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Anil is part dragon, part boy, and lives in the high, secluded mountians in a small tribe. He is often ridiculed because of his small wingspan, which are not large enough to support his flight. So instead, he works as an backup assistant for the local medic, where can can stay on the ground. In his spare time he likes to climb and explore around his home.

#7 – Mister Sticks

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(Sorry I rushed this one -_-)

Mr. Sticks runs a potion shop in the Dreamsphere. He is actually just a blob of mud and sticks that has been sculpted into the shape of a little man and imbued with magic so he can walk and talk. A mud golem if you will. He wears thick glasses because his eyesight isn’t very good and he is very hard of hearing (due to his ears being just leaves). He can be cranky but always helps out his customers to the best of his ability. He also loves money as any shopkeeper does and is always trying to find new (and odd) ways to bring in business.


#7 – Ronald

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Again, posting this really quick because it’s  practically my bedtime ahaha

This is Ronald!!! He is a Mahou Shounen in that story I keep talking about, and he uses bows and arrows! He is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy and enjoys the company of others. However, he is only a mahou shounen because he wants to protect those people around him and yadadadada

He likes using a bow and arrow in battle because it’s a long range weapon/it doesn’t involve TOO MUCH running around.
SO YEAH time for beddd

Oh yeah, and an entire week has gone by wow!!!!! I can’t believe I sticked to this for this long aha

Day 7: Gekk Orrsan

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Gekk Orrsan hails from the world of Groonlar V.  A planet populated by amphibious creatures known as the Groon.  Gekk was a low level security officer on a transport freighter bound for a nearby space station when it was destroyed by a hostile force known as the The First Dominion.  Gekk was the lone survivor, and was rescued by a band that would eventually become known as one the 26th century premiere super hero groups known as Golundan Corp.  Gekk has a Groonlar Battle suit that is equipped with life support and built in weaponry that is powered by a bioelectrical field that his people can generate.  


#7 Troll

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This here’s Terry the Troll. Don’t let his puppy-like face fool you. He’s a mean bastard and he does not hesitate to pillage and plunder…

Seven days in guys and it’s amazing how just about everyone is showing improvement in their drawings and designs. Keep up the great work everyone!

#7 Donna Dago

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Donna Dago is an odd girl in Mr.Gillies grade 2 class. Her fascination with toilet paper has caused inconveniences with her peers and they have taken action to ban her from the school washrooms. Perhaps her strange obsession will be detoured by the new boy in class, Axol, who oddly reminds her favorite animal, the Axolotl.

#5 – Can I Bum a Cigarette Guy

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This is the guy that you find outside of every bar in every town, every night after last call trying to bum a cigarette from everyone leaving the bar.  Take a close look next time you go out… I’m sure you’ll see him

Day 6: Hobo Hero

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Nothing is known about this mysterious man that roams the alley ways. It is possible that he is just an insane hobo. The other possibility? That he has uncovered the most assured alter ego of any superhero.

It seems crazy, but there has been a sharp decline in crime.

Listen citizens, for this would-be champions self-bestowed theme song. If in trouble, it may be the clarion call of your hero.

#7 Hobo

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Jonathon Rockefeller lost his parents at the age of twelve, where he and his younger brother William divided the money. While William listened to his parents financial advisers, Jonathon didn’t. He gambled and spent his money on frivolous things till it was all dried up, and he had to live on the streets. That was fourteen years ago. In the streets Jon was reborn, ditching his last name, and making a new life for himself. Then The 1% showed up, a philanthropist hero, using his vast riches to help the poor. But Jon had seen were hand outs leave you. So he vowed to stop The 1% at any cost. He wears a chest plate made from discarded cans, and his feet are only protected by two planks of wood duct taped to the bottom. Even his pipe, the poor mans weapon of choice has been taped to his arm, in a sad attempt to mend the broken limb. He is poverty, He is Hobo!

#7 Malevolence

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#7 – Madeline

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Today’s entry is a little lackluster, as I ran into some problems caused by mother nature (power blinkage.. grr.) So, I got a little frustrated.

This is Madeline! She plays on her school baseball team, and loves to knit. Brightly colored scarves, specifically. She’s usually pretty caked in dirt (so naturally this picture is a rare occasion that she’s not), but she’s just about the politest, brightest little kid you’ll meet!

#6 Santa-1

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Santa-1 is an agent for the United Nations Secret Committee on Extra Normal Events. U.N.S.C.E.N.E. is a clandestine organization that investigates extraterrestrial and supernatural threats and oversee activities of the superly-abled.

It is unknown whether agent Santa-1 is the true Santa, a clone or just an imposter. The only thing known about Santa-1 is that he has been an agent with U.N.S.C.E.N.E. since its secret founding by the United Nations in 1947, after the Roswell UFO incident alerted the U.N. to the existence of extraterrestrials and also released an energy that would later mutate people conceived after the crash.

#4 Maximum (Max) Chester

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Maximum (Max) Chester is a 12 year old boy.  Grade school has offered a real challenge for him to fit in.  But that’s nothing compared to world he’s about to enter.  But he has what it takes.




#7 The Contemptible Jar Slime

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Man lookit this jerk. This guy just loves jars. Jar slimes like him house themselves inside jars the same way hermit crabs hole up in shells. The difference between hermit crabs and jar slimes though, is that a hermit crab won’t shout names at you from the safety of their shells. Jar slimes are instinctively aggressive in nature, but cower to their clay pots when they’re put at any physical risk.

It’s this attitude that as earned them the title of “contemptible”. Jerks.

#6 The 1%

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There comes a time in everyone’s life where they must choose to work for themselves or for the common good. For William Rockefeller it came in his mid twenties, during the events of “Occupy Wall Street.” He realized that as a member of the one percent that hold the wealth, that he should help those in need. Thus he stepped out of the penthouse and into the streets protecting the poor.

#4 The Dungeon Master

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Day 4 – The Dungeon Master

Project:  Charlie Chainsaw Has a Dream


The Dungeon Master, as he likes to call himself, is a pudgy 20-something with a love for tabletop fantasy gaming.  Upon inheriting an evil magical multi-sided die, The DM gained the ability to control a set of puppets – an elven archer, a surely dwarf, a wise wizard, and an Amazonian warrior princess.  Unfortunately for him, the usefulness of his puppets is a numbers game, depending on the roll of his magic die.  If you wish to defeat this overzealous gamer, you must play the game with him and submit your well-being to the force of his black magic and his imagination.  Otherwise, the puppets – and their master – are unstoppable.


(Quick note:  I realize this one isn’t as polished as previous 30 Characters entries from me, but I was away all weekend and unable to really do much drawing.  I hope you’ll appreciate its quality as a sketch instead of comparing it to previous efforts, and remember that I’m only a human and not an art machine.  Theeeeenks!)




Day 7: Shank Alamo

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Character #7, Shank Alamo. He’s from the “Engarde!” series of mine, and he’s one of the main villains. Shank’s like a pirate in a few ways, and he’s a trigger happy one.

Shank’s the “underling” partner of his boss, who I’ll draw tomorrow. They’re related in some way, probably yet another sibling relationship where he’s the older brother. Anyways, Shank’s favorite weapon is bombs. Bombs all the time. But bombs eventually run out, so his secondary weapon is a dagger. He likes to tease people.

#7 – Bosozoku-Hime

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Enter through the Crimson Hellmouth into the Obsidian Dome, to a land of fantasy far away from consciousness and imagination.

Once known as the empire of the rising sun, it is now a country where the Sun never rises and the eternal night is only kept avast by the light of the soul in search of adventure and excitement.

Welcome to the Neon City.

Where once upon a time, the indomitable Susanoo and his eight Orochihana fought the legions of the Sun Mother, Amaterasu. And yet, when their country needed them most, these brave heroes gave up their life in order to defend their subjects, dying in a fulminating flare of atomic power.

And so it was that the Gods were killed. Encased in eternal darkness and having been abandoned by all semblance of divinity, the sons and daughters of Izanagi and Izanami fell into chaos and anarchy. These were the days before the Rise of the Neon Sun, when the techno-men plague started, when the Crimson Hellmouth opened, adding the Oni Gender Wars into the mix, and when the bosozoku first started to appear.

And then, it reappeared: The crown jewel of the Gods. The unquestionable fetish of power and authority within the Obsidian Dome.

The Blazing Hachimaki.

It’s flames will scour whoever she fits unworthy to hold her and will only accept to be worn by the one true God made flesh.

Shiromori Tomoe was little more than a 13 year old girl, trying her best to hide her fear and uncertainty under a face of fake bravado when she first tied the Hachimaki to her forehead, uniting all of the motorcycle tribes under a single banner.

The first year or her ruling brought the beginning of the construction of the Neon City, the country’s new capital.

The second year brought the first secession of the Clown, Carnation and Water Dragon tribes. From then forth, their members would become outcasts and continue living in the periphery of society.

The third year brought laser tempering technology for the construction of neon katanas and the first ever prototype of the emotional engine.

The fourth year brought the end of the Oni Wars and a lasting and prosperous alliance with the female ogres.

The fifth year brought Blood Plumb, the empress’ beloved motorcycle, fueled by honor and fury. It also brought the Neon City’s first interaction with the outside world since the end of the Great War. Shiromori-dono, in her role as ambassador became the most beautiful and delicate flower, which only accentuated he sharpness and bitterness of her thorns.

What will the future bring to our beloved empress, sitting now in her neon lit throne, multiple rave geisha dancing for her amusement while she waits for the next big asphalt stampede, demonic invasion, coup d’eta or formal gala to come her way. Her eyes filled with the steel of resolve, her neon katana gently resting on her lap while a multicolored kimono covers her tight letter jumpsuit and the Blazing Hachimaki flutters in the air, like the young empress wild spirit.

#6 – Pournell

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I wonder what he is so avidly reading? Probably NOT Twilight. I’m not sure if he is a fantasy creature or an alien creature, actually.

#7 – Barry

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#5 – Delilah

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Delila the fairy pig feels very bad because of the popularity of Angry Birds and what it has done for the reputation of poor little pigs. 🙁

#8 Jaylor

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Inspired by my twin cousins, Jasmine & Taylor. The two creepiest kids I’ve ever met. No lie.


#7 Chips

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Had to name this ugly pet Chips.  Who doesn’t love chips?


#6 Paul

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It’s Paul, he’s tall. Unfortunately for him, his arms aren’t proportionate to the rest of his body. He had to buy extensions for his stubby little arms. It’s important for him to fit in. He’s Paul. That’s all.


Character #6

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Steve Harpster

#7: Donovan Chris

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 Donovan Chris

He may look like a total punk and has about as much consideration and tolerance as a common kitchen toaster but he looks out for his friends no matter what. Even going to the point of drawing the negative attention of others to him instead of his friends.

(oh gosh, haven’t drawn mohawks in forever. Had to rush this a bit)

Day 7 – Future Daughter

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This little one is a design in mind I had for my persona and her husbands future daughter. She isnt born yet and is only a month developed.  So we dont even know if it would be a girl or a boy. But here she is, with no name yet.

#6- The Bishop

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While the focus of the Spanish Inquisition was the conversion of Jews and Muslims to the Catholic fold, there were sub factions into finding the paths of the more occult to close their evil from ever seeing the light and create a further threat to the papal stronghold. Father Moritzi was challenged with finding the sources of dark paths and black magics and in a raid discovered a box that held a tool to summoning much darker things than even the church could imagine. Upon opening the box, the priest found a fossilized husk of what appeared to be a large cockroach. During inspection, the roach came alive and burrowed itself into the priest’s stomach and overtook him and created a vessel for the prophet of the Dark Lords from a realm unnamed, as its very name would cause a mass hysteria in those within earshot.
Using the priest’s body to feed on, the Dark Prophet has been committing dark atrocities to slowly bring the Dark Lords to our world. Waiting for the perfect alignment foretold by the Mayans to bring the light to its end and extend the dark realm and the evil grasp of the Dark Lords.

#7 Anna/Andrew Delion

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Anna has been scrapping all her life in order to survive on the streets of France, and the French kickboxing style Savate is her specialty. When she learns that the 1924 Olympics will allow Savate as an event, she is ecstatic–only to learn that, like most events of the 20’s, women aren’t permitted to compete. Wait… Who the hell said that would stop her?

#7 Devin

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Devin was born to a poor family in the lower city levels of the tower city. He has never known his father nor has his mother spoke of him. Devin’s mother was a woman of faith, though she did her best to hide that. Devin’s sister was only a year older than him and the two were very close. In his mind he needed no one other than his sister. Eventually their mother killed during a collapse in the commended portion of the city where religious folk would sneak off to meet in an old church. The two were not phased much as their mother was gone most of the time attending to her secret religion and leaving the two to care for one another. It was only three years later when his sister was killed in a gang turf dispute. He was out pilfering merchant stands for supplies when this happened. It is something he never forgave his self for. He found her moments from death. She bestowed on them a bracelet of hers and left him with the words, “I will always be with you.”
Now in his mind he hears her. This disembodied voice of reason tries its best to keep him on the straight path but many times leads to him arguing with himself in public. Now Devin has found himself fallen in with a bad crowd, just trying to survive until he can find a way out of the lower levels. After all that is what he promised her.
(Artwork by Katy Millay)




A Squeeb, from my Novel “Mentor”

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2011 Day 07 --A Squeeb, from my Novel, "Mentor"

The Squeeb are a large (about two feet long not counting the tail) rodent-type creature that proliferates in the UnderCity. They are intelligent, loyal and  best of all, tameable as pets and hunters.

Note: I might post more about these creatures later. I’ve run out of time for today. Sorry.