04 – The Enforcer

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… continued from #3, the Azure Aviator…

… PFC Rocky Johnson.  Deployed from a nearby Army outpost on the northern shore of the Upper Peninsula, PFC Johnson bore witness to the Danaian encounter and was present when the meteors began to fall.  Johnson’s quick thinking saved Captain Hughes’ life when he pushed the Army aviator out of the path of meteor that granted him his powers.  Unfortunately this maneuver cost the Private his hands and most of his forearms, as they were crushed in the impact.

In the ensuing confusion of the meteoric storm, the injured Johnson, in complete shock by this point, fell upon the dropped Danaian “disc of universal knowledge.”  The disc lit up at the Johnson’s touch and emitted a ray of light that pulled bits of metal from Senator Day’s helicopter and Johnson’s own jeep and fashioned them into large mechanical hands that were summarily fused to the ends of what remained of Johnson’s arms.

These mechanical hands, which upgrade themselves from time to time and automatically repair themselves from available materials, grant PFC Johnson incredible strength.  These powerful prosthetics, coupled with his skills as an Army boxer, allow Johnson, using the field name of ENFORCER, to serve as a capable combatant as a member of the Secret Soldiers.

Despite recent traumatic events, Johnson’s instincts again saved lives when he made short work of an incoming meteor with a mighty blow of his mechanical hands.  He found the limits of his newly acquired strength when he attempted to move a large asteroid that had pinned a state trooper named Korvus Kain.  Eventually the hefty rock began to move.  Johnson was surprised to receive aid from…

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