05 – War-Dove

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… continued from Character #4, the Enforcer…

… Hilda Day, professor of archaeology and wife of Senator Trent Day!

Through fits of coughing up a golden mist, Hilda Day shocks both the newly mechanized PFC Johnson and herself when she helps him lift a meteor pinning down a state trooper.  A meteor that weighs over ten tons!  Taking all of the weight herself she effortlessly tosses the space rock several hundred feet into the woods.  Looking about she sees her gilded husband helping a small group of soldiers while Johnson pulls the injured trooper to safety.  Hilda hears a voice coming from overhead and turns her attention to the heavens to see Captain Hughes flying under his own power pointing to another, larger meteor falling toward them.

Reacting without thinking, Mrs. Day leaps into the air, toward the plummeting boulder and flies past the hovering, glowing Hughes to intercept it before impact.  Misjudging her speed and power, Hilda plows through the meteor, shattering it into millions of pieces saving the people gathered below.  Taking a breath after her incredible feat, Hilda is tapped on the shoulder by Captain Hughes and realizes that she is watching the proceedings below while hovering in the air.

The events of that fateful day left Hilda transformed.  Her strength is astonishing, able to lift twenty tons given the right circumstances.  Her body, while not as invulnerable as her golden spouse’s, is very resilient and capable of shrugging up gunfire.  Donning a Nordic-inspired costume and the nom de guerre WAR-DOVE, Hilda Day fights along side her husband and fellow members of the Secret Soldiers!  In addition, Hilda can fly for short distances and provides some aerial assistance to the team’s resident aerialist, Azure Aviator.

While Hilda’s spontaneous heroics prevented those present at the Danaians first appearance, debris from the broken meteor nearly killed…

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  1. Wow, this girl’s mask is awesome!

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