06 – Ms. Mercury

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… continued from Character #5, War-Dove…

… Henrietta Glass!

Dr. Glass is a biology professor who made her way to the Danaian landing site moments before the aliens arrived.  She came out of her own curiosity when she overheard her colleagues joking about some reports that amateur astronomers had begun calling in to the university.  She was the scientist with the quick wits who doused Senator Trent Day with the Danaian Elixir transforming him into the Gold Gladiator.

When the meteors began to fall, the golden Sen. Day shielded her and his wife, Hilda, from the initial impacts and left them in the back of an Army jeep.  A jeep that was unfortunately hit by small meteor throwing her and Mrs. Day out into the field unprotected.  That is when the coughing fits began.  Each breathe Henrietta took was followed by a painful exhalation of golden mist.  Henrietta watched in awe, still clutching the Elixir, as Hilda Day fought through her own convulsions and performed miraculous feats of strength.  When Hilda destroyed an incoming meteor Henrietta, like everyone on the ground, ran for cover from the falling debris.

Tripping in her search for shelter, Dr. Glass dropped the Elixir flask, breaking it and exposing Dr. Glass to the entirety of its contents.  Covered in luminescent liquid, she looked on in horror as a chunk of space rock came hurtling towards her.  The meteor fragment never made contact as it continued through the space Dr. Glass had been occupying unimpeded as her body separated into two smaller, chrome beings both, strangely, under her control.

Appropriately dubbing herself Ms. MERCURY, Henrietta Glass is the science officer for the Secret Soldier.  Her body has been completely metamorphosed into a mercurial metallic substance that allows her to split into smaller versions of herself, all controlled by her central consciousness.  In addition, her mirror-like body is hard to damage as most attacks will either pass through or cause her to automatically separate.

As the lead investigator into the change that occurred in those individuals present in that Michigan forest that historic evening, Dr. Glass discovered that these extraordinary transformations were the work of a virus of extraterrestrial origin.  Upon infection, the virus is capable of altering an individual down to the atomic level with wildly unpredictable results.  Take for example…

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  1. I like her! She’s kind of cute in a storybook way, actually.

    I love how you incorporated the Mercury symbol into her design.

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