#3 – The Warden

| November 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

They faked the moon landing. It’s pretty obvious when you look really closely at the footage. How they did it, is plain as day if you know what to look for. Anyone with a bit of filmmaking experience and half a brain can tell you how. What they always miss is why. People think they faked it because they just plain couldn’t get there – that they needed something to fake out the Russians to buy some time, but that’s bull. We can get there. We’ve been able to get there since the ’40s. Hell, the Nazis nearly got there themselves. We can get there, but we’re not allowed.

The Russians found that out when Gagarin came back from orbit. They got some guy to pose as the returning hero, but the truth is that Gagarin, the real Gagarin, was torn out of his capsule, and literally thrown back to earth. Most of him burned up on re-entry, but I’m told by credible sources there are some remains – though hardly recognizable.

And thanks to the high level of Cold War paranoia, the Russians never told NASA, so Alan Shepherd bought it the same way. And you know, they keep trying, every few years. They’ve tried bombs, missles, decoys, what have you, but he’s always there, out in the dark. Waiting. He lets us have satellites, for some reason. Even those black-ops weapon satellites nobody’s supposed to know about. Guess he doesn’t really care what we do to each other. As far as the rest of the solar system, or hell, the rest of the universe for all we know, his message to humanity is clear. NO TRESSPASSING.

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  1. Thaddeus Howze says:

    This is an awesome idea. Tell me you are going to do something with it. Just the thought gave me a chill…

  2. Gregory says:

    Excellent story, and wonderful art- it’s amazing how colorful the blackness of space can be in the right hands!

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