#4 Blue eyes dragon

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

This guy is totally blind, those eyes on his hide is just markings. He has better hearing, though, and can sense movement more than anything by picking out soundwaves with the disks portruding from his back. Blue is an agressive type and will not back down when he has something to say but is more than ears when someone else speaks. Be careful though, He almost never likes what he hears.


I think I’ll make a little series of these kind of characters, I want to work with more vivid colours.

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Category: 2011, Fantasy

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I'm just a swede dreaming about cartoons! I read a lot of comics and look at most of the new cartoons out there. I'm a sucker for design so I can watch or read almost all things if they have interesting designs, there is limits to my leeway when it comes to story though, haha! I hope I'll finish this challenge, I really need to flex my creativity since my only original characters counts up to the measly two....... But that's about to change!! LET'S GO!!

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