#6 – Haltenti, the Wizard in Pink

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(click the link-through picture if you care for some other goofy sketches that I had to crop out!)


I seem to have an affinity for short, bad-tempered people with an affection for the color pink.

This is Haltenti Varcerone Pan Gherten the second, to you anyway. People who know him well refer to him as Tenti. If you refer to him by anything other than “Sir Pan Gherten”, you’ll probably get a pyroblast to the face.

Haltenti is incredibly vain, to put it mildly. He seems to have this idea that he’s the most beautiful and desireable man in the world, and that he should be treated as royalty. He’ll treat himself every day to special “beautification spells” that don’t really work… in fact, as a side effect from applying these spells to him since a very young age, he’s permanently stunted his growth. Don’t try to tell him that, though. … Seriously, don’t. If you’re still standing after he’s done throwing his tantrum, you’ll get to see a tiny fabulously dressed midget run off sobbing dramatically, which I’m assuming is something you don’t want to see. If it is… you have some strange hobbies.

Needless to say, Sir Pan Gherten doesn’t have very many friends, or even a girlfriend. When he does try to pick up himself some ladies, he’s usually incredibly stupid and obvious about it. Haltenti is a bit cursed when it comes to women; he can’t even catch a mild gold digger. He has a nasty habit of always picking women to hit on who are already married quite happily to large, beefy men.

The Wizard in Pink himself is not born into a wealthy family, but he does live quite comfortably due to his very high proficiency in magic. While he may not be able to keep himself young forever, he certainly knows some of the most complex spells of the day and age. For some reason, people find magic incredibly useful! Haltenti thinks most spells that aren’t used to make his hair gorgeous are a waste of time, but he has to make a living somehow. Expensive spa retreats don’t pay for themselves.

As for his favorite spell? He prefers the one that trails falling rose petals wherever he walks.

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