#7 – Bosozoku-Hime

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Enter through the Crimson Hellmouth into the Obsidian Dome, to a land of fantasy far away from consciousness and imagination.

Once known as the empire of the rising sun, it is now a country where the Sun never rises and the eternal night is only kept avast by the light of the soul in search of adventure and excitement.

Welcome to the Neon City.

Where once upon a time, the indomitable Susanoo and his eight Orochihana fought the legions of the Sun Mother, Amaterasu. And yet, when their country needed them most, these brave heroes gave up their life in order to defend their subjects, dying in a fulminating flare of atomic power.

And so it was that the Gods were killed. Encased in eternal darkness and having been abandoned by all semblance of divinity, the sons and daughters of Izanagi and Izanami fell into chaos and anarchy. These were the days before the Rise of the Neon Sun, when the techno-men plague started, when the Crimson Hellmouth opened, adding the Oni Gender Wars into the mix, and when the bosozoku first started to appear.

And then, it reappeared: The crown jewel of the Gods. The unquestionable fetish of power and authority within the Obsidian Dome.

The Blazing Hachimaki.

It’s flames will scour whoever she fits unworthy to hold her and will only accept to be worn by the one true God made flesh.

Shiromori Tomoe was little more than a 13 year old girl, trying her best to hide her fear and uncertainty under a face of fake bravado when she first tied the Hachimaki to her forehead, uniting all of the motorcycle tribes under a single banner.

The first year or her ruling brought the beginning of the construction of the Neon City, the country’s new capital.

The second year brought the first secession of the Clown, Carnation and Water Dragon tribes. From then forth, their members would become outcasts and continue living in the periphery of society.

The third year brought laser tempering technology for the construction of neon katanas and the first ever prototype of the emotional engine.

The fourth year brought the end of the Oni Wars and a lasting and prosperous alliance with the female ogres.

The fifth year brought Blood Plumb, the empress’ beloved motorcycle, fueled by honor and fury. It also brought the Neon City’s first interaction with the outside world since the end of the Great War. Shiromori-dono, in her role as ambassador became the most beautiful and delicate flower, which only accentuated he sharpness and bitterness of her thorns.

What will the future bring to our beloved empress, sitting now in her neon lit throne, multiple rave geisha dancing for her amusement while she waits for the next big asphalt stampede, demonic invasion, coup d’eta or formal gala to come her way. Her eyes filled with the steel of resolve, her neon katana gently resting on her lap while a multicolored kimono covers her tight letter jumpsuit and the Blazing Hachimaki flutters in the air, like the young empress wild spirit.

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