#7 Devin

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Devin was born to a poor family in the lower city levels of the tower city. He has never known his father nor has his mother spoke of him. Devin’s mother was a woman of faith, though she did her best to hide that. Devin’s sister was only a year older than him and the two were very close. In his mind he needed no one other than his sister. Eventually their mother killed during a collapse in the commended portion of the city where religious folk would sneak off to meet in an old church. The two were not phased much as their mother was gone most of the time attending to her secret religion and leaving the two to care for one another. It was only three years later when his sister was killed in a gang turf dispute. He was out pilfering merchant stands for supplies when this happened. It is something he never forgave his self for. He found her moments from death. She bestowed on them a bracelet of hers and left him with the words, “I will always be with you.”
Now in his mind he hears her. This disembodied voice of reason tries its best to keep him on the straight path but many times leads to him arguing with himself in public. Now Devin has found himself fallen in with a bad crowd, just trying to survive until he can find a way out of the lower levels. After all that is what he promised her.
(Artwork by Katy Millay)





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