#7 Hobo

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Jonathon Rockefeller lost his parents at the age of twelve, where he and his younger brother William divided the money. While William listened to his parents financial advisers, Jonathon didn’t. He gambled and spent his money on frivolous things till it was all dried up, and he had to live on the streets. That was fourteen years ago. In the streets Jon was reborn, ditching his last name, and making a new life for himself. Then The 1% showed up, a philanthropist hero, using his vast riches to help the poor. But Jon had seen were hand outs leave you. So he vowed to stop The 1% at any cost. He wears a chest plate made from discarded cans, and his feet are only protected by two planks of wood duct taped to the bottom. Even his pipe, the poor mans weapon of choice has been taped to his arm, in a sad attempt to mend the broken limb. He is poverty, He is Hobo!

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I am a wannabe comic book writer and artist, I am in my final year of college, and got out of a almost three year relationship, this year has been one of great change. So why not try one more new thing, 30 characters, 30 days this is going to be fun.

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