#7: Howard Johanson…

| November 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

Howard Johanson has days when he just doesn’t want to get out of bed. He feels like he can do nothing right, can’t stand anyone, least of all himself, and just wants to eat junk and sleep all day. He is washed over by waves of depression and cries at a moments notice. He believes God is not there, or at least doesn’t care about him.

Other days he’s on top of the world. He is focusing on the positive, has a billion awesome plans for his life, and believes nothing can stop him. He believes he’ll never be depressed again, and that God loves him and has amazing plans for his life.

Howard is tired of this emotional roller coaster his life has become, and just wants to get off.

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  1. Odiolitos says:

    I not only love the loose style, but the character seems pretty interesting! I’ll check your comic for sure!

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