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Student. Graduate assistant. Recovering believer.

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Name: Serafina “Sera” Agenor

Age: 23.

Appearance: Tall (6′) and lanky. Of Jamaican and Irish descent. Wears her hair natural and as big as possible. Workaday clothing–jeans, tank dresses, and t-shirts, sneakers, little jewelry.

Personal: Was raised by her pastor father, her mother having died when Sera was six. Up until age 19, Sera was an active member of her father’s congregation. Enjoys strange-female-vocalist music, Victorian triple-deckers, cherry Fanta, and her cat.

Overview: A current graduate student in a liberal arts program (mixed history, literature, anthropology, journalism, and political science) with an emphasis on Africana studies, Sera has an undergraduate degree in English literature. She works as a graduate assistant to one of her lit professors, a Victorianist, and is preparing a thesis on modern religious movements in African diaspora populations. She spends a great portion of her time in the basement of the Social Sciences building, and has become (unbeknownst to her) sort of an urban myth, with other building regulars referring to her as “Basement Girl”. She may be having an affair with another of her professors.

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