#7 The Makeshift One

| November 7, 2011 | 5 Comments

A worn automaton for use by disembodied intelligences. The core of the creature is ancient, yet thanks to occasional repairs functions almost like new. Some of it’s stock components date back several thousand years, demonstrating an impeccable craftsmanship and maintain. It’s original outer plating long disintegrated by exposure to the elements, the machine has had newer, less robust carbon laminates grafted onto it’s chassis. The automaton’s most recent occupant has installed some unusual instruments onto the original head, a suite of metal sensors requiring no electrical input. With the growing scarcity on the archipelago, this kind of system may soon see more widespread adoption.


I thought orange would be a nice change. Also done with pencil, for a change. Story is a coagulation of a bunch of things floating around in my head, bumping together in microgravity.

Category: Fantasy, Scifi

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  1. This is absolutely incredible. Do you have contact information? I’d like to stay in touch with you for future project possibilities. I’m always on the lookout for pencillers for my projects and an organization with whom I work is currently looking for pin-up artists for some illustrated short stories.

  2. Batmankm says:

    That is a thing of beauty!!

  3. I love everything about this. Stopped me dead in my tracks.

  4. That’s just amazing. I Love it!

  5. MikeDubisch says:

    Very cool!

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