#7-The Prick-20 years later

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Ten years into the Prick’s career, the first meta-human appeared and it just so happened to be Jet Disco. Having never dealt with this threat before, he is soundly defeated and almost killed until his friend, former DA and new Mayor Ron Priest sends in a new elite police force that take down Disco and manage to contain him. Prick is unsettled by the sudden appearance of both Disco’s powers and a force powerful enough to counter it. The vigilante trusts his friend, but is suddenly suspicious, and disappears. The following year, he is publicly chased through the streets by the Mayor’s police. While not much is known about the outcome, he was released, at which point he disappeared and it was assumed he retired.

In the past five years he seems to have come back…though different. No longer is he in peak physical condition, in fact he seems to be drunk most of the time he’s patrolling the slums (or the closest things to slums since Mayor Priest’s apparent take over of the city.) Despite his drunken outbursts and other annoyances, the Mayor and his forces let him be, as he still only attacks the scum of the slums. They keep a close eye on him though, with a unit devoted specifically to cleaning up his messes.

Back to The Prick’s universe, in a way. I have never been sure what angle to take this story from, though I’ve always leaned towards this one. Anyways, going to link to the rest of these characters in case people get curious.





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