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Charlotte is light hearted and funny but also completely devoid of scruples. She is a sociopath unable to tell right from wrong. She is logical but not evil. If a puzzle required a human finger she would have no hesitation in cutting off one from the nearest member and cheerfully open the lock expecting everyone else to be as pleased as she is.

Charlotte is a fashion model by day and the Guild’s tank at night. Her primary weapons are the gauntlets which are part of an entire crusades era knight’s suite of armor. The armor, when completed, makes the wearer the perfect warrior, immortal, invulnerable, incredible agile, strong, and intelligent. The original knight who wore the suit took it all off because the royal lady who’s banner he fought for died and the armor was unable to protect his broken heart.

Charlotte found out about the guild as part of her search for the rest of the armor. She started her collection with the ring that surprises appetite (the idea being that the invincible night neither eats nor sleeps, the insomnia ring is in the possession of a rival guild) from a fellow model. Charlotte stole the ring which instantly made the girl ravenous, the girl was later incarcerated for cannibalism. Charlotte thinks it quite lucky that not only did she get a great way to stay trim but also culled competition for jobs, a happy serendipity.

Charlotte is part of the guild because it’s fun and she is looking to finish the suit of armor, mainly because she always finishes everything she sets her mind to.

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  1. tompl says:

    Love the look of the armour and that it is tied into the ongoing story of the character.

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